High Quality Sri Lankan undergarments for women

Bring out the woman in you


Welcome to the world of ethical garments and long lasting sourcing partnerships.

We do not trade, broker, or sell merchandise to our valued clients.  Instead we have chosen to provide a insanely transparent logistics framework. Our intention is to form  long term sourcing partnerships.  These partnerships will enable  clients to source directly from factories, bypassing middlemen. 


Women's undergarments stitched by Sri Lankans 

We supply women's undergarments. Be it your own design or a design made by our skilled designers, we are more than happen to supply. These are stitched by skilled Sri Lankan women.



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Sri Lankan apparel industry, the legacy continues..

Worn by quality conscious consumers all over the world, products belonging to these international brands are sourced and manufactured in Sri Lanka-South Asia's fashion and logistics hub and global apparel visionary.

Sri Lanka clothes the world, redefines industry frontiers, and connects global super brands such as Victoria's Secret, GAP, Liz Claiborne, Next, Jones New York, Nike, Tommy Hilfiger, Pink, Triumph, Ann Taylor, Speedo, Abercrombie & Fitch, Land's End, Marks & Spencer, and Intimmissimi.

Several Indian retail brands count on sourcing from Sri Lankan factories attracting global brands to invest in Sri Lanka as an Indian Sub Continent Hub.

A large UK retailer watches their cost and lead-time savings grow exponentially - and it all began when they set up their regional Supply Chain Logistic Hub in Sri Lanka.

A number of European and Asian fabric suppliers store their fabric in Sri Lanka to support fast fashion, taking advantage of fast regional shipping times and clearing in less than 24 hours.

The USA and the United Kingdom have historically been the highest buyers of Sri Lankan apparel throughout the decades...and they continue to reap the rewards of their long time partnerships...Exports to the USA continue to soar over US$ 1 billion, and the EU contracts are worth over US$ 1.5 billion and have experienced powerful growth year on year...

Extract from Sri Lanka Export Development Board -  link